Monday, stocks shot up in Asia 1.1%, in Europe 1.3%, but just 0.3% in the U.S. on very low volume. The VXO dropped over 8% to close below 14. Tuesday, stocks rose in Asia 0.4%, fell slightly in Europe, and held nearly steady in the U.S. on abysmal volume. Wednesday, stocks rose in Asia 0.4%, in Europe 0.4%, and the U.S. 0.5% on very low volume while the VXO dropped 9%.

Thursday, stocks rose in Asia 0.5%, in Europe 0.3%, and in the U.S. 0.4% on less than abysmal volume. Perhaps everyone is on vacation. The VXO fell another 8% to close at 11.38. This confidence was supposedly linked to peace overtures from Vladimir Putin. Friday, stocks in Asia rose 0.3% but fell in Europe 0.5% and changed little in the U.S. on low moderate volume. Gold dropped to close below the $1300 per ounce mark. For the week, stocks in the U.S. rose 1.2% and the VXO declined 23%.

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