Grace Week Seven

Grace got up at 6:00. Betsy took her out. They returned about fifteen minutes later. Betsy complained that she has difficulty getting Grace to respond to “come.” This is particularly troubling to her when she needs to move quickly to and from the room to avoid laundry toxic discharge.

I fed Grace at 8:00. Betsy tried to keep her entertained but found her generally bored with the apartment. This leads her to attempt doing various “bad” things like trying to get a forbidden object like a shoe or sock and chewing on it. Betsy left for church at 9:20, locking Grace in her cage.

When we returned at noon, Grace lay in her cage peacefully. She made no sound as we entered. She was good as gold. Betsy fed her lunch (one cup). After lunch and Betsy took her out, she seemed to continue her bored routine, barking more than usual and looking at what she can get into. Keep in mind I have cut back my hours with her the last few days. This means she has gotten less sniff and explore time as well as less play time.

At 2:45, Betsy took Grace downstairs before our ride to the airport. We left at 2:00. Betsy decided to take Grace with her since she seems to do so well traveling and that way they could stop at Bond Park on the way back. From this point, the narrative for the week will get pretty sketchy since I’ll be a few thousand miles away.

Monday (from Betsy)

Grace ate her collar last night so I got another one today—probably an improvement with the thicker width. We walked over to Sunrise to get my car, and stopped in to talk to Lynn. Pepper darted out from nowhere and bit Grace in the face. She has a cut on her nose, but not deep. The new director was concerned about Pepper’s hostility, but I don’t think that much can be done to train a dog not to bite other dogs on its territory. We’ll have to be careful, and I think best to call the front desk to hold Pepper before we walk in. It was scary for Grace, and shows what damage that Pepper is capable of. I’ll ask the dog trainer tonight about the best strategy. I got Grace a new toy and $6 chew this morning, but she has already eaten the $6 chew. What a rip off, but made her happy.

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