Monday, stocks closed flat in Asia but down 0.5% in Europe and off just slightly in the U.S. on very low volume. Tuesday, stocks rose in Asia 0.7%, in Europe 1.3%, and in the U.S. 0.5% on low volume. The VXO fell 5% to close at 10.09. Wednesday, stocks rose again in Asia, this time 0.5%. In Europe and the U.S. they moved little on low volume.

Thursday, stocks rose slightly in Asia and rose 0.5% in Europe while in the U.S. they moved little on low volume. Gold fell back below the $1300 per ounce mark. Precious metals and their miners dropped 1.5% and the war in Gaza escalated.  In case you need another indicator that it’s time to batten down the hatches now you have it.

Friday, stocks moved little in Asia, but fell 0.7% in Europe, and 0.5% in the U.S. on low volume. The VXO dropped 7% to end the week at 11.10. Gold again topped the $1300 per ounce mark and the Dow Jones Industrial Average again closed below the 17,000 mark. Precious metals rose about 1%, but their miners shot up almost 3%. Stocks ended nearly unchanged for the week.