Monday, stocks in Asia gained 1.1%. In Europe, they lost 1%. In the U.S., stocks dropped 0.3% on low moderate volume. Precious metals tumbled 2.5% and their miners lost about twice that.

Tuesday, Asian stocks closed unchanged while those in Europe rose 1.3% and in the U.S. 0.5% on low volume. The VXO dropped nearly 5% to close at 12.73. With turkey-stock IBM rising over 3.5% and designer-stock PLUG rising nearly 50%, there’s still no fear in sight.

Wednesday, stocks in Asia again rose 1.1%. In Europe they gained 0.6%, but in the U.S. they lost 0.5% on low moderate volume while the VXO gained over 9% to close at 13.85. Precious metals lost over 1.5% while their miners tumbled about twice that amount. Speaking of garbage stocks, PLUG dropped 24% and Facebook fell 7%.

Thursday, in Asia stocks moved little, in Europe they rose slightly, and in the U.S. they moved little on low moderate volume. Notably, gold below $1300 per ounce. Friday, stocks rose in Asia and in Europe 0.8% and in the U.S. 0.6% on low volume. Little change characterizes both the weekly stock market performance as well as the plight of Americans in general.